Google frees Website Optimizer from Adwords – launches free independent service

Yesterday, at ad:tech, Google announced that it has launched its Website Optimizer application as a separate independent service – no longer dependent on the use of AdWords in order to access the service:

Today at the ad:tech conference in San Francisco, Google Website Optimizer™ launched out of beta as an independent product. Formerly a feature within the Google AdWords™ advertising service only, this free website-testing tool is now accessible through its own website ( as well. In addition, Google’s Website Optimizer has introduced its own blog (

Google Website Optimizer helps improve user experience on the Web by showing its users what their visitors want to see. Rather than debating or guessing how a webpage might look best, users can continually test different combinations of website content, such as images and text, to see which one yields the most sales, sign-ups, leads or other goals.

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For professional bloggers seeking to improve conversion and gain other data about their users, the website optimizer is a great tool to use.

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