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Google moves to sure up advertising market prior to Yahoo! entry

Google moves to sure up advertising market prior to Yahoo! entry

Google has announced some important changes to its Adsense advertising program overnight in a pre-emptive strike to sure up its user base prior to the entry of Yahoo! into the small website and blogging contextual advertising market.

The changes are great for bloggers, and provide new, flexible options that will be welcomed by users of the service.

1. Cheques in local currencies
At long last Bloggers will be able to receive cheques in 43 local currencies instead of just US Dollars. This will encourage non US users to join the program and work with the program more, with US Dollar cheques currently being expensive and timely to deposit in banks across Europe and Australia (editors note: it costs me $15 AUD to deposit a USD cheque and it takes 1 month to clear, and this is the cheapest, quickest service available to me)

2. Electronic Funds Transfer for North America and Western Europe
Google has launched an EFT payment beta program for the US, Canada and most of Western Europe that should result in quicker payments without the need of waiting for a cheque to be delivered.

3. Confidentiality of Adsense income removed
Google has implemented a new Terms of Service that seemingly allows the discussion of revenue made by the service.

4. Ad Links, a new advertising option
To quote Google on this one: “Ad Links are a new form of text advertising… Ad Links units display a list of topics that are relevant to your page. Each topic, when clicked, brings the user to a page of related advertisements. ” It’s interesting to note that bloggers don’t receive payment for the initial click on the topics in the links, but for clicks on ads after the initial click.

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5. New “My Account” Tab
A new tab has been included that allows Adsense users to easily access their current account details.

Adsense users should log into their accounts for further information, and manual changes are necessary to change payments to local currencies.

(some via ProBlogger)

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