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Google rolling out new version of Analytics statistics package

Google rolling out new version of Analytics statistics package

Google has announced that it has revamped its Analytics statistics package, and will be rolling out the change to all existing users over the next few weeks. Google will send an email to each account holder once their account has been migrated, and then the existing and new interfaces will be accessible for a couple of months.

Google say the interface has been updated based on feedback from users who wanted more navigable reporting and better data presentation and sharing options.

Google writes:

The Google Analytics user interface has been redesigned to make it easier for people to find and share the data they need to make informed decisions. Data summaries and improved trending analyses complement navigational clarity and intuitive connections among related data. It’s easier to click on data points to drill down into the reports for greater detail. In addition to creating an improved user interface, new key features have been added, such as email reports functionality, exporting into PDF, and geo-map drill down to zoom into a certain location.

There have been no changes to the amount of data that is tracked by Google Analytics, or to the configuration of your account. This is solely a reporting interface change. Every function currently available in Google Analytics should be available in the new interface. In fact, there will be more features and the new product will be even more powerful, including emailing reports and PDF download.

During the transition period, Google will continue to listen to users and make changes and fixes based on their suggestions. After that, only the new interface will be available.

There’s a fairly comprehensive FAQ page about the changes, plus an updated product tour.

Analytics has become quite a popular statistics package since Google opened it up to anyone, not just AdWords publishers. It’s reasonably fast, detailed, and free (which bloggers, at least, love!).

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I’ve yet to see the new changes – my account hasn’t yet been upgraded – but the new interface sounds useful. I know I don’t use a lot of the functionality of Analytics at present. Maybe the new interface will encourage me to dig a bit deeper into my stats and work out what my visitors are doing.

Do you use Analytics? What do you think of the new interface?

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