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How I Blog: Ujwal Tickoo

How I Blog: Ujwal Tickoo

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Ujwal Tickoo

Ujwal Tickoo, Professional Blogger.

I am passionate about studying and learning about Marketing, Strategy, People, and Businesses in the Software and IT Industry. My brain is thus often analysing stuff about the happenings in the Tech Industry. My Blogging philosophy is simple: “Go With the Flow”. I let the flow of ideas in my mind translate into blog posts.

All my ideas come from analysing and reflecting over my personal experiences in the Industry (about 10 years) and the current happenings.

I am an old-style guy who types in the url of these websites instead of getting bombarded with RSS feeds. I visit many blogs and news sites and have some favorites.

In News Media my favorites are:

  • BusinessWeek Online
  • Red Herring
  • CNET’s

In the blogosphere, my current favorites are:

  • John Battelle’s Blog
  • Greg Linden’s Blog

I also like Digg and have found interesting reads there.

I follow several hyperlinks from these websites / blogs and continue reading stuff that interests me. Often I stumble upon interesting stuff and go to web sites I had not planned to check out.

My blogging is a very personal experience. It is as if I am looking to understand the Tech world and news media and other blogs help me make sense of my own analysis and thinking.

There are times that I read interesting news stories or blogs that I have my own perspective on. I sometimes share my ideas around the thoughts others have come up with in the blogosphere or the media.

I also read several books every month. At times I not only develop new insights from the ideas presented in these books but also have a simpler way of explaining them to others based on my personal experience.

Finally, I also deal with the Industry in my working life and generate insights that aren’t available elsewhere.

Normally, at any time there is a swarm of ideas cooking in my brain — even as I drive, watch TV or take an evening walk.

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When I think I have an interesting idea concrete enough to share I usually type it in Microsoft Word. If I don’t want to open my laptop I might even write a note for myself in my Nokia Cell Phone’s notebook or a paper pad.

It is at the time of writing that I know whether I am clear enough or not about what I am planning to blog about. If the idea is not clear I leave it there and think further.

If the idea comes out clear I copy paste the text from Microsoft word into a Text Editor and then paste it into Movable Type. Sometimes I straight away go to MT and start typing — however this often leads to some time wasted — because I like to copy-paste text in MS Word to run the spell checker and also because I hate using a browser for typing.

Once my post is ready I Publish it. Sometimes if I have typed something directly into Moveable Type and I am not happy with the writing, I leave it in Draft mode.

I often try to break long posts into smaller ones — just to bring out logical chunks of information for my blog’s readers.

Overall, blogging has given me a lot of satisfaction. I feel that I have started giving-back to the world by sharing some insights I have gained. I hope that someone benefits from my posts and whenever I review my sitemeter and notice someone spend 20-25 minutes reading my posts — it gives me a big smile!

Ujwal blogs for Know More Media. You can visit his blog at The Biz of Coding.

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