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How to Get on TechCrunch (The Cribnotes)

How to Get on TechCrunch (The Cribnotes)

A the Web2.0 Summit, two Web2.0 luminaries, Guy Kawasaki (who if you don’t already know, should go and read his books — he was doing the startup BEFORE Mike Arrington was a surfbum) and Mike Arrington sat down to talk about the art of the startup. In particular, how to get Crunched (i.e. profiled on TechCrunch).

Well, last night I heard that the video was posted up at –  but its almost 60 minutes long!

While alternate forms of media have their roles, one of my biggest gripes about podcasting netcasting podcasting and video casting is how difficult it is to search within each to find exactly what you want; the wonders of text though make it an entirely asynchronous medium where you can scan for headlines, and so on to get around that problem. I digress.

Guy Kawasaki has posted up the cribnotes on his own blog if, like me, you find waiting through an entire 60 minutes almost intolerable. ;)

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Bottom line (if I may paraphrase): treat pitching to TechCrunch as you would pitching to another VC; he gets over 30 pitches a day — make his time worthwhile.

* Dr. Tony Hung also blogs at DeepJiveInterests

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