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How to Start an Anonymous Blog

How to Start an Anonymous Blog

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Writing something anonymously means using an unknown identity to publish your own thoughts. This can be very beneficial if you want to keep your identity a secret for political, religious, or simply personal reasons. Blogging has its pros and cons regardless of whether you have your identity at the forefront. So, let’s dive into those while using an anonymous name. 

Gaining Readers

You may feel like you will face a tougher challenge getting people to read your site or subscribe to any posts you make with an anonymous blog. While this can be true, there are ways to build traffic on your site without exposing your true identity to your immediate network. Other than the few select people you may want to trust with your site, you will have to think outside the box to gain the traffic to get your blog off the ground. 

  1. Create New Social Media Accounts
  2. Be super active on forums 
  3. Meet your niche public where they are


Though Instagram is great for gaining followers, fostering relationships, and creating a community of readers that come back again and again, creating a Pinterest account attached to your blog will be the most important social media profile you make as a blogger. Pinterest will not only be a place where you can show off your posts. You can also gain inspiration from other artists and bloggers of all genres and niches, not just your own chosen niche. Rich Pins are also an option for using Pinterest for blogging or business. This allows for a greater potential traffic volume for your posts. 

Keeping Your Domain Private

People are able to look up any public domain to see who is using it and where it’s being used from. It’s important to purchase a domain privacy protection plan, which is fairly cheap, to protect your domain name and ultimately, your identity. 

Starting an anonymous blog means you can speak your mind without the fear of your family, friends, or even acquaintances knowing your true identity. Beyond that, you can develop a larger voice by speaking to what could be thousands of strangers on topics that are extremely important to you. You could also simply not want the stress of having people know who you are and want to develop your writing from an alias. Blogging anonymously doesn’t mean you have to write about deep and taboo topics, you can write about anything. Even personal stories are great for anonymous writers. But it is important to leave out personal details such as locations, landmarks, or names. 

Writing Under a Pseudonym

Using a fake name can be a lot of fun to come up with. And it’s more common than you might think. Many famous writers have written under a pseudonym including JK Rowling, Agatha Christie, Steven King, Mark Twain, and countless others. The options are truly endless with pseudonyms. You can use the name of your blog, a username (like Instagram handles), or an actual full name. 

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How to Get Started

You’ll need to choose a platform and hosting site that works for you. There are several affordable options that are very user-friendly. You will need to finalize your domain name and title to get it registered with whichever hosting site you choose. Take your time with this step to ensure you chose the right site for your goals and budget.

You will also want to brand your blog by its themes and the way you present it. Readers will appreciate consistency, familiarity, and ease when coming back to your blog again and again.


Whether writing under a pseudonym or your real name, using your free speech is a very freeing part of having a blog. Taking true identity out of the equation is highly desirable for many bloggers. This article has shown you ways to make the process of starting an anonymous blog within reach. 

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