Hugh Macleod highlights the use of blogging to promote English Cut

Over at his blog Gapingvoid, Hugh Macleod is profiling how Thomas Mahon has used his blog ‘English Cut’ to promote his bespoke tailor business:

1. A great product. Thomas is one of the best tailors in the world. His suits REALLY ARE that good. If we were just selling commodified drek, I doubt if anyone would’ve paid much attention.

2. A unique story. When he started, Thomas was the only Savile Row tailor writing a blog, and this gave him a unique voice in the blogosphere. This fuelled the interest. Had masses of tailors already been blogging, it would’ve been much harder for his own unique “idea-virus” to spread. The first-mover advantage rule still applies.

English Cut has always been one of my favorite blogs. Thomas writes cleanly and very clearly about what it is to be a bespoke tailor – and lovingly about his craft.

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It’s because of a post that he wrote earlier this year, that I began purchasing shirts from Cole’s of London – a decision that I’ve never regretted.

Blogs can indeed move your business forward – English Cut is but one example…

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