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Inquisitr launches company database – QBase

Inquisitr launches company database – QBase

Duncan Riley’s Inquisitr has launched a company database site called QBase:

I’m delighted to announce QBase, The Inquisitr’s company database service.

Scale is important when offering any service like this, which is why we’ve teamed up with Tradevibes for the service as opposed to doing it by ourselves.

As I wrote in my review of companies in this space June 12, Tradevibes appeal comes from its collaborative approach to data, being a focused wiki from the start that values user contributions as it is built on them. That collaborative model extends to data sharing with other sites, for example Mashable has a similar deal in place with Tradevibes, so contributions from QBase will also appear on Mashable’s service, as their contributions will be visible here.

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QBase appears to be a competitor to Michael Arrington’s CrunchBase service – but has a more collaborative wiki-based model.

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