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Interested In A Blogging Internship?

Interested In A Blogging Internship?

No, we’ve already got one — but I’m referring to Crunchgear’s efforts to find someone to make coffee, pick up dry cleaning, and fill in with the occasional post or three while learning the ropes of professional blogging.  Although Crunchgear is no Engadget, or even Gizmodo (see the Alexaholic comparison … they have a ways to go), if you’re living in New York City or San Francisco, and you want to see what its all about, you may want to give these guys a ring.  Like any internship, you’ll be paid with handshakes and pats on the back, but you’ll get to try out all kinds of cool swag.

Better still, there are no comments related to the post on Crunchgear.

Can you say “no competition”? :)

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(or perhaps, “limited competition”)

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