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Intern Meltdown At Marc Jacobs Leads To Twitter Chaos

Intern Meltdown At Marc Jacobs Leads To Twitter Chaos

Twitter LogoAn intern managing Marc Jacob’s Twitter account had a meltdown and Tweeted late Friday night about his very public resignation and some very select words aimed at Jacobs himself.

An unnamed intern who was managing the Marc Jacob’s Twitter account until a replacement was found let out some revealing Tweets about Jacobs and the job. Last month a search was held for anyone interested in running Marc Jacbob’s Twitter account. Applicants were required to Tweet something clever and about 50 were chosen then dismissed according to the Twitter rants below:

“Rober won’t tweet anymore. He took it all to seriously. It upset him if anyone was mean. I’m gonna find someone by next week that he likes.”

“Spelling is hard for me. I hate this job. Hope they find someone soon. Robert is picky! We have presented him with 50 people. He’s not happy.

“Yea. Robert gets these urges to change all the stores on Bleeker St. around. (All the time). He thinks if he’s bored, so are the customers.?”

“Oh no! Robert wants to change around all the stores on Bleeker St. NYC. Again! Your guess is as good as ours. He’s gonna drive us all crazy!”

“You guys and gals have no idea how difficult Robert is. I am only an intern. My last day is tomorrow. I wouldn’t be tweeting this if not!”

“Good luck! I pray for you all. If you get the job! I’m out of here. See ya! Don’t want to be ya! Roberts a tyrant! Seriously! He is tough!”

“I can call him out! I’m out! Won’t work in this town again! I know that! Learned a lot. But, I don’t have the energy for what is expected”

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Yea, walk in my MJ shoes! Don’t judge me! I’m alone in this office having to try and entertain you all. This isn’t easy. I have tried. Done!”

Early Saturday morning the offending Tweets were purged from MJ’s account and downplayed as nothing more than a disgruntled employee using Jacob’s phone without permission.

What puzzles me is why a temp or intern was entrusted with a such a high profile brand on a Social Media channel no less. Not being serious about your online presence has serious ramifications if the people running it are not trained to handle your brand or become discouraged with the company.

The unnamed intern has yet to be outed publicly but we have a feeling he or she will have a hard time finding another internship or job soon.

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