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Interview With Arvind on Movable Type and Why He Loves Itp

Interview With Arvind on Movable Type and Why He Loves Itp

Arvind Satyanarayan is our Movable Type maven here at The Blog Herald, and the man behind the weekly Movable Type Mondays (the most recent one). He prefers Movable Type, obviously, and personally that’s I think it’s an interesting platform, now that it’s open source and all. Some things, like the Six Apart Services announcement for instance, have kept me from even giving it a serious go – I’m a WordPress junkie for now.

However, being curious is a good thing, so I figured I’d interview Arvind on the subject, and the interview is up now on BloggerTalks, sparking reactions in the comments already. I think you should check it out, it gives some perspective to the Movable Type community, as well as a lot of other things concerning Arvind, a great guy that swears to MT rather than WP.

Stay tuned for another Movable Type Monday next week, and every week.

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Disclosure: I hired Arvind, I’m the editor of this site, and I’m editing BloggerTalks as well. I’m also doing a lot of WordPress designs, if you think that matters.

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