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Introducing Darnell Clayton

Introducing Darnell Clayton

A few weeks back, Darnell began writing for us covering primarily topics around Social Media & Social Networking. I’d like to take a moment to formally introduce him here at The Blog Herald.

Darnell Clayton is a Financial Professional who became curious about the power of social networks after stumbling upon Google’s a Orkut.

Many moons later, he started a weblog called Inside Orkut, detailing what happens within the forums and started to explore other social networks and how businesses use them to “meet the bottom line.”

After previously writing articles for the Social Networking Weblog (as a Creative Reporter), he is excited about joining the Blog Herald team and will be posting weekly updates on what goes on in the social networking arena.

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He also randomly blogs at Picasa Fun (although he wishes the Google team would create a Picasa blog so he wouldn’t have to cover their wazoo).

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