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Invitation: BloggerCon III on November 6 at Stanford

Invitation: BloggerCon III on November 6 at Stanford

It looks like Dave has settled on November 6 for BloggerCon III with this email sent out to potential participants:
I’m pleased to announce that we will hold our third BloggerCon on November 6, 2004 at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, CA.
We would be very happy if you could join us.

A common theme in all the BloggerCons has been blogging and the political process, so it seemed we should wait until the campaign of 2004 is over, but with its events still fresh in our minds. So we chose the Saturday after the Tuesday of the US election. This way people who are actively involved in US politics will be able to join us in to discuss the role that blogs and citizen journalism played in the election.

We will of course continue threads started in previous conferences, there will be sessions on blogging in education, science, the arts, and in daily life. BloggerCon is a user’s conference about technology, it’s not a meeting where technology amazes, rather it’s a forum for the use of technology.

The cost to participate is $0. Please register at the URL below, to reserve your space, and so we can communicate with people who will be there.

The format of the conference is four concurrent tracks of 1.5 hour sessions, moderated by a discussion leader. There are no panels. Each room will have many experts, all of whom would be excellent panelists. The job of the moderator is to assemble a story by calling on the people at his or her disposal. They’re like reporters putting together a story, but you get to hear, first hand what the experts are saying, in their own voices. Think of Dan Gillmor’s adage that the people who read his weblog are much smarter than he is — that’s also the philosophy of BloggerCon.

Registration starts at 8AM on the morning of the 6th, the sessions start at 9AM and conclude at 5PM. We will probably have a dinner or party on Friday the 5th and on Saturday, and there will be planned outings on Sunday the 7th, and also time for people to meet in smaller groups.

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Remember the cost to participate is $0. If you want to make a contribution so we can have refreshments or help fund parties, or contribute your time, we will welcome that. ;->

We hope you will be able to join us for the next Con, November 6, Stanford.

Dave Winer

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