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Iran: Just What Twitter Needed?

Iran: Just What Twitter Needed?

The situation in Iran continues to be widely discussed on Twitter, with Iran as the number one trending topic, and #iranelection as number two. It goes downhill from there… Anyway, Sedef Onder needed Iran to understand the importance of Twitter. She blogs about it at DigitalNext, wrapping up like this:

I daresay Twitter is starting to grow up. And though it’s taken some getting used to for a skeptical Twitter user of a couple of years now, I’m feeling a bit like a proud parent. Here’s hoping we’ll continue to see similarly inspiring uses of social media, whether for more effective marketing to new customers, or for plain ole’ communication sake. Tweets have finally come of age.

That got me thinking. What if the disastrous events in Iran is exactly what Twitter needed to take the next big step? Not just tech industry approval, but old media approval as well? I know, I know, it’s a cynical way of viewing things, but sometimes world events can spark things. And I think it just did. We’ll see more journalists on Twitter from now on.

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