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Is it True: Melania Trump Eyes Blogging?

Is it True: Melania Trump Eyes Blogging?

A ‘blog post’ authored by none other than US First Lady Melania Trump is getting mixed reactions online. Many people are claiming that she aired her personal grievances and disappointments online. She is now bashed more than ever. At first look, there is nothing wrong with this. The problem? She wrote it as an official entry to the White House website.

What does a First Lady really do?

The wife of the head of state, or head of government, is called a First Lady. Although it is an unofficial title with unofficial roles, the position of First Lady gains much respect in the United States. Through the years, behind every US President is the support of his family usually headed by the matriarch (or his wife).

Over the course of history, the role of the first lady had evolved. More than just the wife of the president, the US First Lady usually becomes the head of the White House household. This includes decorations, renovations, and other household matters in the White House. This is why Mrs. Trump’s Christmas decorations the past few years have become a hot topic on the internet. On top of that, they organize official state functions in place of the President, when conditions require. This, of course, does not equate to a salary, and such has been repetitively criticized by a number of administrations through the years.

Setting her eyes on a blogging career

There is actually nothing wrong with Melania Trump eyeing a blogging career. In the last decades, social media has become such a powerful tool for multiple political personalities to reach out to Americans. Social media makes them relatable and they also easily hear grievances from their fellowmen.  Mrs. Trump is, in fact, a public figure herself. She could use her position to represent multiple advocacies just like a number of First Ladies have done before her. Moreover, there are high possibilities that there are numerous young women all over the world who look up to her. Besides, more than a First Lady, she is a highly acclaimed businesswoman and a fashionista to boot.

Melania Trump does not actually have a personal blog, contrary to what most people think. Apparently, she used the White House website as a journal. There is actually nothing wrong with this. In fact, former First Lady Michelle Obama did write for the White House website as well. Among her popular entries was “The First Lady’s Travel Journal”. So, what went wrong?

What went wrong in her ‘blogs’?

The main difference between her ‘blog posts’ and Michelle Obama’s entries is the fact that Melania Trump has used the platform to ‘self-pity’. Michelle Obama used it to represent her advocacies and the multiple organizations she supports. On the other hand, Melania’s post was more of a personal attack on her ‘haters’ than a platform to motivate and uplift Americans.

This was not the first blog post she wrote for the White House website. The first one was an essay about her family’s experience with COVID-19. This was, for the most part, well-received as it gave a more relatable view of the First Family. However, this second one may be too strong as a follow-through. This may well be a political move. Maybe they were aiming to gain sympathy from Americans to move them to vote for her husband in the coming elections. However, even with multiple advisers, ghostwriters, and editors, it would seem that her ‘blog’ did not receive the sympathy it was aiming for. Instead, many people dislike her even more.

Many people even point out that her blog entry was more appropriate on Twitter (or her other personal accounts) than the White House’s. Does this mean that she could have a blogging career in the future? Well, she will always be outshined by her husband’s presence on the internet but it is always a possibility.

Reactions from Astonished Readers

Some are confused at what she is aggravated about

A distortion of character?

Like Husband, Like Wife?

Does she know who she’s married to?

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