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Is there to be a big blog spam summit?

Is there to be a big blog spam summit?

Jeremy Zawodny posts that there is going to be a “Web Spam Squashing” Summit next week on Thursday, Feb 24th, at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale.

Apparently the team from Technorati is organizing the event and main goal is to get tool makers in a room to talk about web spam, share info, and brainstorm.

Participants so far include AOL, Google, MSG, Six Apart, Technorati, and Yahoo. Zawodny hopes that Feedster, WordPress, and Ask Jeeves/ Bloglines will also participate.

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According to Zawodny, this is a technical working session, not a media event. Whilst a positive idea, you can only hope the media ban is constructive, and not for secretive reasons. It will be interesting if any one blogs it.

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