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Is WordPress working on Integrating AI?

Is WordPress working on Integrating AI?

Is Wordpress working on Integrating AI?

Have you ever wondered why a website magically showed you exactly what you were searching for? Artificial intelligence has been around for years, and its integration into websites has made for a more personal experience. WordPress already has artificial intelligence capabilities, but at the core, there is no backbone of AI. These plugins aim to make a job faster and give the creator more time to focus on other parts of their job.

AI vs Machine Learning

Many think that machine learning (ML) is a term that can be used interchangeably with artificial intelligence (AI). Although there are some similarities, AI is a bit broader form of intelligence. AI is the ability to tap into organic human thought, while machine learning refers more to the specific technologies of a task, and how to logically notice patterns. Both are date driven, but one is more human, while the other is, well, machine.

AI has been a part of WordPress for years in one way or another. One of the advantages first noticed from AI is the personalized experience it allows customers to have.

While there is no core WordPress AI functioning platform, there are plenty of ideas ready to be thrown into the fire. Only time will tell when the future of AI will be here.

Looking into the Future

Having hard-wired core AI-driven gives website development another tool to tailor experiences to the consumer. Businesses are able to stay in line with trends without fear of falling behind. AI will continue to become an integral part of WordPress as a business, along with other domain and web-based companies.

Some of the popular AI plugins 

AI will become a core part of WordPress development. It is important to know about the plugins using AI that got WordPress to the point it is at today in its development journey. Below are just a few examples of popular AI plugins on WordPress.

AI Engine

Like a chatbot, AI Engine has the ability for users to create and generate content including images, templates, recommendations, and more. There is also access to an editor that learns and grows based on your feedback.

Bertha AI Plugin

Create product descriptions, images, illustrations, and traditional ad copy within minutes. Saving time on everyday tasks of your website will allow for more time on other parts of your business.

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Contentbot AI Writer 

Just as it sounds, Contentbot helps create long-form ad copy and blog posts. Marketing editors use this to streamline some of their content to fill their website on a regular basis.

WP Code AI Plugin

As a snippet tool, WP Code allows for custom features on WordPress to be presented through shortcuts. You will not have to edit your theme files to insert the codes. Header and footer codes are some of the most used codes, but you can also create custom JavaScript, PHP, HTML, text, and much more.

Translate WordPress AI Plugin

This translation plugin creates a way to have a multilingual WordPress website. You can translate entire pages at a time, saving time and effort. Once you translate, you will own those translations, which will make creating a fully multilingual site easier and more attainable. It is fully compatible with all WordPress plugins and integrates easily with Google Translate to allow for automatic translations.


WordPress has the world at its fingertips with the usage of AI already being presented, but even more so when you add in the possibilities that AI can become. This blog has shown the incredible usage of AI in WordPress, as well as what WordPress may be up to in the future.

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