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Kontera Adds One Click Support for Blogger

Kontera Adds One Click Support for Blogger

Blogger is the latest blog platform to get support for Kontera in-text ads. This from a press release that just pinged in my inbox:

“There is no reason bloggers shouldn’t be earning ad revenue from blogging – that’s why we’re launching the ‘One Click’ solution for,” said Kontera Director of Product Management, Mr. Gabi Peles. “With Kontera’s new ‘One Click’ solutions, bloggers with minimal or no technical skills can implement Kontera on their blog and define where and how the ContentLink In-Text Ads will appear.”

“One Click” being their solution to add the ads, using plugins or similar. The support for Blogger follows the WordPress plugin we’ve reported on previously. There are also plugins for Joomla and Drupal. Actually, you could add Kontera ads to a Blogger blog previously too, but not in a One Click sort of way.

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Update: There’s a post on the Blogger widget up!

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