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Kontera Comes to ScribeFire and PubMatic

Kontera Comes to ScribeFire and PubMatic

Kontera just told us about upcoming support for their ContentLink service in blog publishing tool ScribeFire, as well as meta ad server PubMatic. This means that you’ll be able to populate your blog post with those hover ad-links on a per post basis. Read on for quotes and PR talk.

“Today, bloggers are looking for more opportunities to monetize their blogs,” said Patrick Gavin, founder and President of ScribeFire. “Thanks to Kontera’s proprietary technology, we’re among the first ad platforms to offer publishers the ability to run both high ROI in-text advertising as well as fully optimized banner ads. Contextually relevant ads will generate revenue for thousands of ScribeFire-powered publishers.”

“Online Publishers turn to PubMatic for ad revenue optimization,” said Rajeev Goel, Co-Founder and President of PubMatic, “Kontera’s technology will provide our 5000 publishers with an additional opportunity to monetize their content without detracting or competing with their existing advertising programs.”

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This is all true, of course. However, adding Kontera’s ContentLinks and whatnot to blog posts have been possibly for quite some time. The difference is, you would have to hack your theme’s template files to make it appear, as opposed to just add it automatically when publishing with ScribeFire from now on. This will certainly appeal to some, but it also means that the ad codes will be embedded in your content per se, which means that you’ll have to edit it out should you not want it there anymore. Compare that to just removing some lines of code in your blog theme, and you can see why this is great news for Kontera.

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