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Last week to get Microsoft to donate to

Last week to get Microsoft to donate to

We don’t appear to have written about this worthy cause before, and now there’s just over one week remaining to get Microsoft to donate a bit more of its wealth to the global good.

For those who haven’t already heard, Microsoft teamed up with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and has promised to donate money to the project, which helps the estimated 9 million refugee children and youth around the world, for every search made at

Of course, it’s a way for Microsoft to promote their Live Search, which has plenty of catching up to do if it’s too rival the might of Google.

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I’m no Microsoft fanboy, but I’m quite happy to use the service for another week or so if it helps a good cause. Maybe after you’ve shut your computer down for a day tomorrow, you can spend the next few days using Microsoft’s search engine. You’ve got until the 31st March to make a difference via Microsoft.

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