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Leopold peddles more crap over at Truthout

Leopold peddles more crap over at Truthout

I wrote three months ago about how Truthout and their blogger Jason Leopold had lost significant credibility in a 48 hour time period of their false claim that Karl Rove would be indicted.

Leopold is back with the same old story:

The indictment, 06 cr 128, was returned by the grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case between May 10 and May 17 – right around the time that Truthout reported, based on sources close to the investigation, that Karl Rove had been indicted on charges of perjury and lying to investigators.


These experts said the length of time the indictment has been under seal suggests that the defendant named in the complaint is cooperating with an ongoing investigation and may have accepted a plea agreement.

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Seriously man, give it up. Your political bias is showing.

I’d write something serious, but over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein has already outdone anything I could write, so I’ll defer to him.

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