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LG continues to be blogger-friendly with new launch in Malaysia

LG continues to be blogger-friendly with new launch in Malaysia

Consumer electronics giant LG has launched its “Life’s Good” blog in Malaysia as part of its ongoing commitment to new media and online interaction with consumers.

Designed as a platform for users to provide feedback on products as well as to publicise events and run various promotions, LG is being touted as the first electronics manufacturer to launch a blog in the country.

I know LG in the UK has been keen to engage with bloggers, to the extent that it has run several “exclusive” product events to which tech bloggers were invited ahead of journalists from traditional media outlets.

CEO of LG in Malaysia, Ko Tae Yeon, said that the company “see the bloggers as a pulse of the younger consumers, whose independent viewpoints are often considered by the public as unbiased and credible.”

“We want to communicate with our customers in every single moment, be it using the traditional method or not, and blogging is just another way of doing it,” he continued.

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“My collegues and I will take some time to post articles about new LG products, answer readers’ comments or even introduce Korean culture and new trends in our blog,” said LG’s marketing manager Seow Swee Miee.

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