Linden Labs Looks To Create ‘WordPress For Social VR’

Linden Labs

Second Life is a online game that immerses players in a virtual world. For the past thirteen years, more than 90,000 players have entered the online community. Now, Linden Labs, the company behind the unique game is looking to enter the realm of virtual reality.

With the popularity of virtual reality headsets, there is an important need for companies to create software to go along with the new technology. That’s where Linden Labs comes in. Creating software for VR is a hefty task and is pretty much impossible for small companies or organizations. Linden Labs is hoping to help those little guys out by creating what they call a ‘WordPress for Social VR’.

Engadget reports:

“While the company handles the technical aspects, crafty creators are free to build unique assets. Anyone who wants to make their own world can buy these items or import their own, quickly building a shareable and reliable VR experience.”

Linden Labs

Right now things are a bit limited in the Sansar platform, but developers with Linden Labs say the future is extremely bright.

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“Over time you’ll see more real-world places uploaded into Sansar,” he said. “You could visit a vacation spot you’re considering and get a feel for it before you go there. Or before you never go there, because it’s too expensive or, there just isn’t public access.”

You can read more about this interesting endeavor on Engadget.

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