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Liveblogging: State of the Word

Liveblogging: State of the Word

dsc00069.jpgMatt Mullenweg presenting State of the Word (keynote).

Matt thanks the people who have made this happen and thanks the sponsors.

When WordPress got started two years ago, as a fork of b2evolution, WordPress has come a long way. WordPress 1.5 was downloaded 700k times. WordPress 2.0 has been downloaded over a million times. Matt thanks the people who have submitted patches, plugins, themes and forum support. Such a great community… er, he used the term ecosystem. Good choice of words.

As we progress, there is so much that everyone wants that is specific for them. The key is to keep the core light so many different avenues can be pursued for various purposes.

Many other products – pingomatic, akismet, bbpress and more – have sprung up around WordPress.

A few things we’ve done right in history, a few things we have done wrong, and a few we still want to do.

Stuff We’ve Done Right

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  • Installation process. The five minute install.
  • Theme System.

Stuff We’ve Done Wrong

  • Way too much opinionation in the developer circles.
  • Media Handling
  • Plugins written in a universally “usable” way

Stuff We Need to Do

  • Directory of WP consultants – pay per service
  • Cleaning up the Codex. 30 mins in support forums or editing the Codex would be very useful
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