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Louis Gray: Who brought the story to TechMeme first?

Louis Gray: Who brought the story to TechMeme first?

Now that TechMeme’s Search capability is available, I expected some folks to begin to datamine some of that information to draw new conclusions about our funny little techblogging industry here.

Louis Gray is up first with a look at who scooped the others and got a story on TechMeme first:

When Gabe Rivera opened up search on Techmeme recently, the three-year-old site’s archives became an extremely interesting playground to see trends, strong sources for news, simple ego-searching, tracking how companies have been viewed over time, and even to see which blogs are the first to bring the news to the big stage. I did some quick searches on a number of company names, products and other terms to see which sites were the first to have the terms included either in the title or summary of the piece.

The Blog Herald is represented with the first mention of a new service offering from Technorati

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Louis’s piece is a pretty interesting look at who consistently scoops other sites with the latest in tech news…

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