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Maine PR Firm drops lawsuit against Maine Blogger

Maine PR Firm drops lawsuit against Maine Blogger

Last week, we reported on how a Maine PR agency was suing a Maine Blogger over his criticisms of their advertising campaign for Maine’s Office of Tourism.

Late this week, the PR firm, Warren Kremer Paino Advertising, withdrew their lawsuit against Lance Dutson, the owner & blogger of Maine Web Report.

Lance writes:

This will make the Cinqo de Mayo celebration tonight that much sweeter (and may even mean it starts earlier) for the Dutson clan. Bob Cox, Ron Coleman, and the Media Bloggers Association moves to a perfect 10-0 against this type of corporate bullying, and the world is now even more aware of the force that the blogosphere has become.

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This is a great victory for free speech and the rights of bloggers everywhere to speak their mind without fear of frivilous lawsuits like this one from Warren Kremer Paino.

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