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Malaysian blogger under fire for promoting drug use

Malaysian blogger under fire for promoting drug use

A big blog related scandal is making news in Malaysia with reports that Poh Huai Bin, the blogger behind posted stories about how to use drugs, where to buy them, and included pictures of himself using them.

According to A blog of an unfinished dream pursuer:

“The wildest thing is that this guy actually posted all his photos, real name and all the drugs he tried and even how to go about getting it from clinics in his blog.”

The Malaysian newspaper The Star reports:

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“A 24-YEAR-OLD systems engineer in Kuching has allegedly shared his drug-taking experiences in his blog, detailing the substances, and how to get an enhanced high.

The blog came to the attention of a Nanyang Siang Pau reader, who sent an e-mail to the daily to complain about the blogger, who was supposedly a computer graduate from an Australian university.”

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