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Malaysian Police harass local bloggers

Malaysian Police harass local bloggers

Malaysian Police are reported to have been “interviewing” bloggers about why they blog and ways to control content.

According to, a four-member team – two police officers and two unidentified government officials – visited Mack Zulkifli, of blog Brandmalaysia, to “understand the latest development of weblogs”. The team spent three hours with Zulkifli posing questions on the weblog and “how to control its contents”. He also stated that the team contiunally asked him why he continued blogging if there was no income from it.

Another Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi said the police interview with Zulkifli is a form of harassment to bloggers. ‘€œI think this is a very worrying trend when more bloggers are being interviewed,’€? he said when contacted.

Ooi himself was recently investigated by Malaysian police in relation to an allegedly offensive comment posted on his blog.

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