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Mark Evans profiles Louis Gray

Mark Evans profiles Louis Gray

Mark Evans has profiled up-and-coming technology blogger Louis Gray in a Q&A over at TechMeme over the last few months with in-depth and insightful posts on a number of issues. He’s become someone that I read as a part of my scan of daily feeds.

A highlight from Mark’s interview:

Who is Louis Gray?

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I’m a 31 year-old Silicon Valley resident living in Sunnyvale, Ca. with my wife, and our 18-year-old beagle. We’re also expecting twins in the July timeframe, a boy and a girl, which just might be a little disruptive. I’m one of those odd people with a liberal arts degree who is completely enamored with technology, but can’t code much more than HTML and simple JavaScript, so I cling to all things technology from a consumer perspective. I also enjoy the culture and innovation available in the Valley and it’d be hard to think of living anywhere else. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 1999, I was already working at a small startup in Burlingame, and have been doing the startup thing ever since – both in real life, and through engaging with entrepreneurs on the blog.

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