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How Martha Stewart Became One Of The Best Bloggers On The Web

How Martha Stewart Became One Of The Best Bloggers On The Web

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Martha Stewart has been the go-to expert on all things domestic for several years. From cooking and gardening to home decorating and crafting, it seems as if she is naturally good at everything she does: even blogging. So, how did Stewart slowly become one of the most effective bloggers on the web?

One look at Stewart’s blog and one might be confused on how she has gotten so far. The design is very rudimentary and simple. In fact, the design hasn’t changed in several years, with the exception of a header that was added. However, the blog is one of the most visited blogs on the web and Stewart is considered a go to resource for all things domestic. How did this happen?

One could even say that Stewart was the original lifestyle blogger. many have tried to imitate her, but have failed. Granted there are several successful lifestyle bloggers, but Stewart just does something right.

There is one reason that many believe Stewart has been so successful at gaining and keeping a fan base. While other lifestyle bloggers aim to make their life seem perfect, Martha has been very open about the truth and hides nothing from her readers. She is truthful in everything. For example, instead of just featuring pictures of a lavishly designed party table, Stewart breaks it down into steps. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. There are many intricate steps and the process is by no means easy. Most of her posts are accompanied by several photos and steps. While she lives an extravagant lifestyle (like throwing dinner parties with Richard Gere), she doesn’t dwell on those factors.

Despite the blog’s minimilistic design, Stewart is by no means stuck in the past. She is an expert at using social media tools, like Facebook Live.

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Overall, the thing Stewart does best (and should be an example to all lifestyle bloggers). She makes a promise to her readers and follows through. She consistently provides new content and shows up everyday.

Why do you think Martha Stewart continues to be a source of inspiration for bloggers?

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