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Mena on Blogs: create a wine group or talk about families

Mena on Blogs: create a wine group or talk about families

Strange times when SFGate can run a story titled “Web logs come of age as source of news” and the President of arguably the largest blogging company in the English speaking world, Six Apart President Mena Trott, makes negative comments like this:

“As for blogs’ growing role as an alternative source for news, Mena Trott, who co-founded Six Apart, dismissed the possibility that blogs will ever supplant the mainstream media. She can count only a handful of stories that blogs broke, nowhere near enough to make a name for most of the thousands of news blogs.
“One thing that’s detracted from blogging is the idea that it’s trying to replace journalism,” Trott said. “Most people are going to use it to create a wine group or a place to talk about their families.”

Mena is wrong.

Blogs are already supplanting the mainstream media on thousands of topics throughout the blogosphere. Micro and niche content are the way of the future, and indeed on many accounts, the way of the present.

Mainstream media will continue to exist, but for an ever growing number of people, blogs are becoming the medium of choice for the dissemination of media tailored to their interests and beliefs.

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Are blogs trying to replace journalism? A strange comment in an age where the blogger/ journalist line continues to be mixed. Blogging won’t replace journalism, but will become a part of journalism, the terms citizen publishing and citizen journalism are being used more and more frequently. Interestingly the second definition of Journalist at is “One who keeps a journal”.

Whether her comments are indicative that SixApart intends on pursuing the fast growing consumer blog sector (literally the journal keepers) at the behest of the more mature tech and professional blogging market is yet to be seen, but potentially denigrating the strongly held beliefs of any number of the users you are hosting is interesting business practice from a company that seeks to be a leader in its chosen field.

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