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Mesh 2007 Announced

Mesh 2007 Announced

Earlier this morning, Canada’s own Web Conference, Mesh 2007 was announced.

Lately, we’€™ve had lots of people asking us ‘€” that is, Stuart and Rob and Mark and Mike and Mathew ‘€” whether we’€™re going to do another mesh conference in Toronto, like we did last May, and the answer is’€¦ hell, yes! We had such a great time that we’€™ve been wanting to do another one ever since we got finished cleaning up from the last one. Now we’€™ve got the venue and dates locked down, so we wanted to let everyone know that mesh 2007 is definitely a go.

The past year’s line up of speakers included Om Malik and Steve Rubel amongst other web2.0 luminaries. With a sold out crowd of 400+ participants, a great time was had by all.  More details to come in the upcoming months about details such as keynote speakers, panels, workshops and all those crazy, crazy parties.

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