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Microsoft shows off overhauled MSN home page

Microsoft shows off overhauled MSN home page

Do you use some kind of information portal as your regular launchpad onto the web? There are certainly plenty of dedicated ones to choose from, as well as being able to choose any web page as your start page, of course.

Microsoft is hoping that it can increase the popularity of its MSN home page with a preview version of the new look just announced.


As you’d expect, the Bing search engine features prominently on the new site which, based on user feedback, is supposed to be less cluttered and easier to use than the current one.

Main features include:

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  • Deeper integration with Bing
  • Improved news and entertainment sources
  • Better integration with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live aggregator

Corporate VP of Microsoft, Erik Jorgensen, said that Microsoft was committed to “clean up the mess on the Web”, with the company “uniquely invested in search, media experiences and technical innovation”.

The new home page begins rolling out today and is expected to be available across the US in early 2010.

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