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MTV Multiplayer Falls Silent Yet Again

MTV Multiplayer Falls Silent Yet Again

The MTV Multiplayer blog is silent once again, as writer Tracey John leaves. You might remember that Stephen Totilo moved to competetitor Kotaku which put the blog on hiatus, then it rolled back out with updates from contributor Tracey John. And now he’s gone too, hinting that something’s going on but nothing more than that.

And I encourage the industry and gamers to continue to support MTV Multiplayer and the new editor when the blog is back in full force. Exciting things are in the works — just you wait. Thanks for being so patient.

This is a bad move. It is way better to just put a blog on hiatus and offer some sort of notification solution for its reader, rather than being this vague about what’s happening. The editorial group on really need to get its act together. They are hurting the brand with this nonsense.

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