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NetNewsWire v2.1 Released

NetNewsWire v2.1 Released


Newsgator’s Brent Simmons has released version 2.1 of his award-winning Mac RSS feed reader NetNewsWire.

For users of Intel based Macs, this new version is a welcome upgrade as the application now runs as a universal binary, taking advantage of Intel chips while continuing to support older Macs such as my own Powerbook G4.

Other new features include online syncing with NewsGator, several performance enhancements, changes to the user interface, and bug fixes.

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NetNewsWire has long been my feedreader of choice on my Macs – I’m pleased to see that the new version appears to be significantly faster than the last version – which I found to be a bit of a memory hog when I had my usual 200+ articles and feeds open at once.

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