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New Study Discovers That Most Advertisers Are Doing Youtube Wrong

New Study Discovers That Most Advertisers Are Doing Youtube Wrong

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Youtube sees millions of users a day as consumers flock to the site for pretty much every topic under the son. With such a large audience, Youtube has become the perfect tool for advertisers. Unfortunately, a new study revealed that most advertisers are doing Youtube completely wrong.

In this new study, Strike Social examined a year’s worth of YouTube campaigns across 25 industries. Using their own data science tools, the new study focused on the metrics that matter most — view rate, cost-per-view and click-through rate — and then compared how some of those factors vary across gender, age, device, season and more.

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This research helped Strike Social decipher how advertisers were really performing and what they could do to make it better. With such stiff competition on Youtube, the official “YouTube Data Report” explains what advertisers can do to help their chances of seeing success. Researchers explains to never assume anything.

Dig deep to identify the right market

Fashion lovers and casual buyers behave differently, but they both can bring revenue in if you are in the fashion industry and choose the right approach. Make sure you don’t treat them all the same.

Test your assumptions

Set up your campaigns for multivariate testing, and experiment with different approaches and audiences. You can turn off any targeting that’s not hitting the mark and shift your ad dollars to the groups seeing the best results.

Let the data guide you

At Strike Social, we use AI technology to recognize correlations that would otherwise be impossible for the human eye to spot. This helps us reach larger, sometimes less-saturated markets.

The report is full of all kind of facts and tips to help you understand the world of Youtube advertising.

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Besides doing these interesting studies, Strike Social develops artificial intelligence and provides 24/7 optimization to drive the best outcomes in social media advertising. Through media-buying software and service, Strike powers 15,000+ campaigns each day for the world’s leading agencies and brands, including Beats, Xbox, Honda, Mattel and KFC.

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