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Newmark Launches craigconnects to Make a Difference

Newmark Launches craigconnects to Make a Difference

Craig Newmark, best known for founding craigslist, has launched craigconnects, a web-based initiative to help people work together for the common good using the Internet.

The project, dubbed by Newmark as the biggest thing in his life, will identify, connect and protect organizations engaged in work that is socially responsible, self-perpetuating and replicable. The initial list of organizations includes dozens working in the areas of community building, social media for social progress, journalism integrity, open and accountable government, service and volunteering, veterans’ issues, and peace in the Middle East. The public is invited to submit recommendations for others to be added to the list via the craigconnects website.

The site will also serve as venue to solicit Newmark’s support as speaker, board member, social media champion, traditional media source, among others. Newmark clarified though that craigconnects is not a fundraising or grant-giving organization.

Though the new organization clarified that it is not tied to craigslist, we can see that Newmark’s credibility will obviously dictate the success of this project.

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Newmark will remain with his job at craigslist despite this bigger project, and will continue to provide customer service for the rest of his life.
“I intend to remain a customer service rep only for as long as I breathe,” Newmark told The Blog Herald.

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