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NewTeeVee Station Airs Online Video

NewTeeVee Station Airs Online Video

I won’t do an Om Malik and write “NewTeeVee” every time online video, perhaps being the new TV, is mentioned. I understand why he does it, since NewTeeVee is a site in the GigaOM network. And now it’s gotten a new section, called NewTeeVee Station, airing online video.

Editor Liz Gannes writes:

NewTeeVee Station is your guide to online video, pointing you to hot new memes, following the emerging stars of the web, and just generally indexing this new entertainment medium. Whereas in the past we covered online video shows like Ask a Ninja, Obama Girl and Wallstrip from a business perspective, now we’re also reviewing content for content’s sake.

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I wouldn’t call this something new, just a repackaged way to offer online video only. A good call, and possibly a most excellent site.

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