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No Blog, No Love

No Blog, No Love

I love it when bloggers get creative in marketing their sites. It gets interesting when relationships and even money are involved! At least that’s how it started with newlyweds Gail and Marc. Apparently, Gail tried to look for ways to encourage Marc to blog more frequently, which could potentially help monetize the site better.

I’ve been itching to monetize his blog ever since I sold my first link on TLA. My posts aren’t Adsense-friendly, and I’ve been hoping that Marc’s would be.

I tried to convince him by flashing at him my TLA checks—didn’t work. I showed him his site’s current PageRank—the doorknob would probably appreciate it more than he did. When his domain jumped to PR5, I knew I had to do something. And quick. – Gail

The solution? An interesting policy:

In an effort to encourage me to revive this blog, my wife has imposed this “No blog, No sex” rule. The rule is simple: I am supposed to blog at least once a week in exchange for love-making. The hornier I get, the more blog entries I get to post. – Marc

Syndication/re-posts don’t count. And I doubt short one-liners would count, either. I guess that’s an even better motivation to blog better than monetization, traffic, fame or anything.

Personally, I wouldn’t count on this “policy” being enforced. Considering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans find the need to fulfill physiological needs (e.g., sex) first, rather than material resources (e.g., money, like from blog monetization, for instance). Then again, intimacy is found to be a lesser need than safety/security. I’m not a psychologist, though, but I sure am human. And I’m sure this is one of those cases where rules are more easily bent rather than strictly followed. Or at least that would be the challenge! has an interesting take, this time for how guys can motivate their wives to blog.

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Well, the man of the house (or the king of the castle, whichever helps me sleep at night), can impose another rule.

No blog, no shopping.

That’s right. You can take the girl out of the mall, but you can never take the mall out of the girl.

So this probably highlights that what’s important from a man’s and a woman’s perspective are worlds apart.

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