Now Reading launches “The Board” editorial blog launches “The Board” editorial blog announced that it has launched “The Board”, a blog written by members of The New York Times editorial board, providing commentary and background on each day’s editorials.

“We are excited about starting this blog for the editorial board. There’s so much that goes on during any particular day that we can’t get to on the editorial page, and so much we can add to our editorials by using the power of the Internet. We hope that our readers take up the invitation to join us in a dialog about the issues of the day — large, small and just plain strange,” Andrew Rosenthal, editorial page editor of The New York Times, said.

The Board is a companion to the day’s in-print editorials, offering additional insight, reflection and context in both signed and unsigned posts. The Board will also feature commentary on topics that did not fit on the editorial page, postcards from board members who are traveling and written snapshots of discussions with special visitors.

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