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Oddcast launches AudioPal audio recording service

Oddcast launches AudioPal audio recording service

audiopal-logoOddcast has announced the launch of its free audio recording service which it’s aiming at anyone who wants to include soundbites on their blogs, social network and web pages.

We’ve seen 12seconds for recording Twitteresque video clips. AudioPal allows five times the duration, with the ability to record one minute audio clips straight from the browser using the computer’s built-in microphone, via telephone, or using Oddcast’s text-to-speech converter.

You can say quite a lot in one minute. CEO of Oddcast, Adi Sideman, reckons that the software “is revolutionizing status updates” because it gives them a voice.

“The unique technology can be used to publish a voice message anytime, and at no cost, so the message is always fresh, up to date and truly personalized.”

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The service is free, with the only “catch” that the company would ideally like you to start using their SitePal speaking avatar on your web site.

Is this to podcasting what Twitter is to blogging?

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