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On Memorial Day and why some bloggers get it wrong

On Memorial Day and why some bloggers get it wrong

Today is Memorial Day here in the United States – a day that holds particular significance to me as I come from a long line of military service in my family.

Today is the day that we set aside to honor the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live in freedom.

Many of us take the day to BBQ and spend time with family, neighbors, and friends. But we should also take the time to remember those that gave all so that we can live as we do – in a free country, populated by a free-thinking people.

This is one of two days, the other being Veteran’s Day, in which I try to set aside politics in my other writings in order to not darken or cheapen the message of sacrifice and remembrance that today should really be about.

More than six hundred thousand Americans have died in military service since our country was founded – each has a story – and a family – and a tale to tell… and we should want to listen.


Some bloggers, however, have taken today as an opportunity to try and turn Memorial Day into something else – a chance to talk about their politics and try to tie it to Memorial Day, and in doing so, cheapen the memories of those that have passed on before us in service to our country.

In his post, Christopher S. Penn makes no comment about the sacrifice given freely by these men and women – and barely says anything about taking some time today to remember their loss.

Instead it’s another chance to insert politics into what should be a day about something else.

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There’s more by the way – in his post Chris even takes a moment to link to his employer – The Student Loan Network. Perhaps the extra SEO juice was needed? And although I’ve posted two comments on his post – both have disappeared. So much for open discourse on the issue.

Chris, by the way, is the co-founder of PodCamp.

My message? If you’re blogging about Memorial Day today – please leave the politics out of it on this day. There’s another 364 days in the year to argue on behalf (or against) a candidate, a policy, or a party. But not today. Let today be about remembering the heroes that have given their all – for you.

For those of you that have served – you have my thanks. And for those of you that have given your lives in service to our country, know that you are not far from our thoughts today.

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