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One Funnel Away Challenge: Kickstart for Entrepreneurs

One Funnel Away Challenge: Kickstart for Entrepreneurs

one funnel away challenge

So you are looking to jumpstart your career as an entrepreneur? You have come to the right place! Russell Brunson created the One Funnel Away Challenge. It is a means to give entrepreneurs a streamlined process to get started in their journey. The hope is to bring them one step closer to their sales goals. Whether you are just getting started in your entrepreneur journey, or you have been in the game for a while and need some direction, Brunson is the guy to learn from.


Russell Brunson is the creator of the One Funnel Away Challenge, an author of several books about his best-kept business success secrets, and the owner of ClickFunnels, which is a roadmap with several different plans to help you get your traffic and sales where you want to be as a business owner.

If you have ever seen Shark Tank, then you know exactly who Daymond John is. “The People’s Shark”. He is someone who is passionate about getting entrepreneurs started in their desired field, and being as successful as possible. He, along with Brunson, focuses on building confidence in entrepreneurs and giving them the tools to be successful in the long run.

One Funnel Away Challenge: What is a Funnel? 

If you have ever used a funnel in the kitchen, it helps a solid or liquid stay in the path you, as the initiator, intended it to stay. Refilling a bottle, or container of honey on your counter. By placing the funnel at the top of the bottle, you force any honey that would have otherwise strayed, to stay on the path to the original destination, the bottle. Funnels are also the avenues that customers maneuver through that lead to the end goal. The end goal is the purchase of a good or service from any given company or brand. The funnel was created to achieve fewer and fewer missed sales.

Why is The One Funnel Away Challenge Important? 

Maybe you are thinking of starting your own business. Maybe you already have one. If either of these apply to you, you know that sales hold all the power. Make sure you have a streamlined process to keep sales coming through the door. Otherwise, your business may not ever make it off of the ground. Developing that sales funnel is crucial to the success of your business.

It helps you understand the mindset of a customer, and how to get them from one stage of a potential purpose to the next until they eventually decided definitively if they will purchase the product or not. Essentially, a funnel is also all about turning “maybe” into a “yes”.

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Where to Access?  

The beauty of the One Funnel Away Challenge is that you can access it from anywhere. This is also true if you have access to a computer and internet connection. Like almost anything now, you can learn about the process of building a business funnel from anywhere. All you will need is your email address for your membership creation, and payment to start building your sales.

How Much is the One Funnel Away Challenge:?

For the entire One Funnel Away Challenge, it costs $100. At first, that may seem like a steep price. However,  when you consider the amount of material involved, the price feels smaller and smaller. There will be 30 days worth of videos, live coaching sessions, networking opportunities, and other coursework materials. The sessions are live, so you will need to commit to those sessions for all 30 days, which will cost time, rather than money.


The One Funnel Away Challenge includes 30 days of training materials that take you through the steps of building and launching your own business funnel. You will have access to bonus materials through a Facebook group, and a network of individuals going through the same journey you are. If you are not sure where to go, or how to get started, try the One Funnel Away Challenge to kickstart your new entrepreneur journey.

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