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Open source movie to star bloggers

Open source movie to star bloggers

The WeblogProject is promoting itself as the first open source, free, grassroots movie to support and promote the blogosphere.

According to Corante, the goal is to make a film about the blogospohere. But just as interesting, the idea is to create an extended event that will seek to identify the world’s top 20 bloggers. Using tags and open-source tools, they will ask the world to decide who should be named the best of the blogosphere.

After the top 20 bloggers are chosen, Robin Good of and his colleague, Marco Montemagno, who hosts a show about the Internet on Europe’s SKY TV, will go to the top 20 bloggers for interviews. These interviews will be shot on location.

A few tips to the Projects team: write on the site who’s backing it and the format, don’t make me visit Corante to find out!

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(via Rubel/ Corante)

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