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Open Source will invade most companies

Open Source will invade most companies

ZDNet reports on a recent Gartner study outlining how open source software will invade most companies within a few years – even without the support of their IT departments.

“By 2012, more than 90 percent of enterprises will use open source in direct or embedded forms,” predicts a Gartner report, The State of Open Source 2008, which sees a “stealth” impact for the technology in embedded form: “Users who reject open source for technical, legal or business reasons might find themselves unintentionally using open source despite their opposition.”

One of my consulting clients and I recently had quite a discussion about this topic. We’ve been working with them on an internal blogging strategy – for which we recommended WordPress-MU. The client, however, being an almost 100% Windows/Intel show chose to go with blogging on top of Microsoft Sharepoint.. which isn’t a very conducive or easy to use platform for this purpose.

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