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Orange UK mobile customers get Twitter picture messaging

Orange UK mobile customers get Twitter picture messaging

twitter-orange-mmsAfter the disappointment surrounding the withdrawal of many international Twitter SMS services due to exorbitant costs, it seems that UK mobile operators are helping them to bounce back.

Both Vodafone and O2 have offered SMS-to-Twitter services to their UK users in the past year, and now Orange is introducing MMS-to-Twitter.

MMS, or picture messaging as it’s colloquially called, will allow Orange users to send images directly to the Twitter service, via the newly-created Snapshot web site.

It works in a similar way to other Twitter-linked picture services, and of course it provides additional branding for Orange — not a bad marketing ploy.

Orange customers simply have to send photos taken on their cellphone cameras to the shortcode 86444. It’s also possible to send text updates this way as well.

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It’s a quick way of sending photo updates to Twitter if you’ve not got a smartphone with Internet access, or can’t be bothered to log on to a separate web site to upload a picture.


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