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Over half of B2B marketers don’t embrace corporate blogging

Over half of B2B marketers don’t embrace corporate blogging

According to the preliminary results of ongoing survey by Forrester, over half of B2B (business to business) marketers do not have a corporate blog, or are still figuring out their strategy.

One in three said that they were open to blogging but were just experimenting with the medium.

Five per cent said that they’d tried blogging but that it hadn’t worked out or wasn’t delivering the results they’d expected (I wonder what timescale they gave it before abandoning it?)

Encouragingly, though, 8% said that they actively promote blogging, while 7% said that it was an essential element of their marketing strategy.

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Six months ago, another survey suggested that just five per cent of Internet marketers used blogging as a tool for achieving sales and marketing objectives.

Of course, with relatively small surveys, it’s going to depend partly on who’s being asked the questions. The Forrester survey remains open to participants until this Monday, 11th February.

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