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Ozone 3 for Podcasting

Ozone 3 for Podcasting

O’Reilly’s Scott Bourne takes a look at Izotope’s Ozone 3 as a podcasting tool:

I ran a podcast that was otherwise mixed and ready to go through the ProTools Normalize plug in and then again through the Ozone 3 Loudness Maximizer Plug-in. There’€™s no comparison. The Ozone 3 treatment gave me a fuller, bigger sound.

I’ve tried the demo of Ozone 3 and am not sure that this is something that I need to use.. yet.. We’ve got alot of hardware in our input stream, including a gate/compressor and an Aphex 204 Aural Processor w/ Big Bottom so we’re getting a pretty strong sound on our recordings…

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But if you’d rather invest in some software over alot of hardware, this might be a good solution for you. It will work with free audio tool Audacity through the VST plugin options..

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