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Performancing Announces the New pMetrics Dashboard

Performancing Announces the New pMetrics Dashboard

Performancing has recently announced a refreshed pMetrics dashboard look. This revision is not only for aesthetics’ sake, but actually enhances the dashboard’s functionality.


The new pMetrics Dashboard is designed to quickly and efficiently show you the traffic data that you care about. It is full of live refresh fun (many thanks to the jQuery JavaScript library), and includes the ability to drag and drop the modules to wherever you want on the screen. They’ll stay there forever until you move them again.

This makes pMetrics even easier to use as analytics tool for bloggers. From the dashboard you get to see the figures you think are important–since the dashboard is customizable, with modules that can be added, removed and rearranged as you please.

One other great addition is the trends column, which lets you see the percentage change in the values from the previous period.

Trend data from the previous period is shown on the right for each item, in green if your trend is good, or red if it’s bad. If you are viewing a single day, the previous period is the day before. If you are viewing a date range, for example the last 14 days, then the previous period is the 14 days before that.

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If you still prefer the old Dashboard, there’s an easily accessible link right above that lets you switch between the old dashboard and the new version.

Disclaimer: Performancing and pMetrics are owned and run by Splashpress Media, the same great people behind the Blog Herald.

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