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Performancing moves Ad Network into Beta

Performancing moves Ad Network into Beta

Performancing has moved their up and coming ad network into a beta phase, according to a recent post.

Performancing, having previously released a web based metrics package, is now expanding into the advertising business with this launch. A few key facts from their announcement post:

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  • Partners mixes images and text in a smart way to give both publishers and advertisers the best of both worlds
  • Partners has a unique revenue sharing model which we will be blogging about shortly. For now, rest assured that we’re working toward passive income for publishers aswell as direct income from ads
  • Partners works on two different revenue building fronts for advertisers and publishers; Direct advertising on a monthly flat fee basis based on recommended CPM for category type, and CPA (cost per aquisition). More details to follow
  • Like all of Performancing’s tools and services, the key ingredient is community, (that means YOU). Our publishers, and advertisers are invited to join open discussion on the site or anywhere else they choose with the goal of bringing the two groups closer together and building a better conversation around the topic of revenue generation

Interested? You can signup at their beta page.

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